About this blog

This blog was made for me to have some fun (y'know that with a lot of time comes a big opportunity to learn anything. And as you may noticed... my writing sucks and my grammar too), maybe you already know that.I'm just gonna talk about anything that makes me a little bit upset, and by a little I mean A LOT. By the way, don't take any of the s**t written in this blog seriously. I don't expect people loving this crap or even knowing that this exist at some point. I don't think I have anything new to write, just a bunch of hateful and sarcastic crap because I'm bored and as sometimes I feel so much hate inside my mind due to my lack of confidence expressing myself, I decided to do this... Ok no, I feel I'm somewhat of confident but not as much as I'd like to be. Maybe some day I will be able to talk about something in a serious way. That will be the day I feel like I have enough experience with something.Today is just a bastardized blog about anything I really hate. If you've decided you wanna stay here and read the crap I've written, then you're welcome if you don't... Get out from this temple! Close this window and never come back to this blog again!

Let's get this party started!

Pd:This blog is NOT encouraging people to hate or to be violent. I know! I know! Kind of unnecessary,but I just make myself sure nothing wrong is gonna happen.

I mean, there's always some foolish fool who takes very seriously whatever they see or read. DO NOT DO THAT! If you do it... then you're not any different from this guy.

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